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    JavaScripts for Mal's E-Commerce Users


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Add to Cart (without going there)   3 VERSIONS AVAILABLE

Set a Minimum $$ Order in the cart script

Set a Minimum Quantity for items in the cart

Display your customer's cart totals anywhere on your site

Automatically Return Customers From The Cart Without Them Clicking
The Continue Shopping Link

Shopping Cart Form Validator (everyone should have this)

Alert Your Customers if their Cart is Ready to Expire

Zoom In/Out Script for your Product's Images

Add a Checkbox your customers must click (to accept your terms) before buying

Block Unauthorized Access to your Cart

Hide Your Source Code

This Button Deletes All the Items in your Customer's Cart

Dynamically Generate your Hash Verification Links

Stop Customers From Changing Quantities in the Cart

Online Calculator for charging for Personalizing your Items

NOTICE: JavaScript orders are emailed within 48 hours...   about all scripts... 

Demos are not available because of unscrupulous people seeking to "rip" the scripts. Thankfully, the descriptions give a complete idea of what the scripts do so that demos are not needed. Rest assured any fraudulent claims on my part would be a topic of discussion on Mal's Forum during my 6 years as a contributor. There aren't any. So please don't email me asking for demos. Any requests for demos will be disregarded.

Minimum Order JavaScript System

Searching for a way to have a Minimum Order Amount that works with your Mal's E-Commerce Cart?

Up to now, you've had to take on small orders, and small profits from those orders (same amount of work though as a larger order...) and you're thinking that perhaps if you could insist on just a few dollars more per order, like you'd be able to with a minimum order, it would certainly be more profitable for you.

But the problem has been how to do this with Mal's E-Commerce, since you can't program the Cart for a minimum order amount. So you first try stating that you have a minimum on your home page, but most people don't read your statement, or maybe they ignore it. So then you think about adding a flat fee to every order, until you realize that doing so increases the dollar amount but without any value for the customer... just not good business, that will drive customers away. You may as well raise prices instead, but you don't really want to do that either. It just would be better if there was some way to program the Cart to have people place a minimum order, wouldn't it?

Well, now there is. Here's what the Minimum Order JavaScript will do for you: Your customer shops at your site and puts items into their Cart, just as always... but you may ask: